‚ÄčSouthtown Dahlia Club

The Southtown Dahlia Club meets at the Crestwood Civic Center located at 14025 Kostner Ave., Crestwood, Illinois 60445. Meetings take place on the 4th Sunday of each month, from 1:00 -- 3:30 p.m. (unless noted otherwise). The facility offers free parking and is wheel chair accessible. See the Home  and Newsletter pages for current monthly meeting information.

First time attendees are invited free of charge. Annual membership dues iare $15.00 individual, $20.00 for two residing at same address. Sign-up during any meeting or click the button to access a Membership Form (a/o 6/30/16 - needs to be updated - 

Spring bonus: New members who sign-up before June 1 will receive a free dahlia tuber, or rooted cutting, compliments of Southtown Dahlia Club.
For information: SouthtownDahliaClub1@gmail.com
Monthly Meetings & Newsletters

Annual Club Picnic

Tours of Member's Gardens
SDC's Annual Spring Sale

SDC's Annual Competition & Show

SDC's Annual Awards Banquet

Assigned Mentor & Sponsor

Annual Video Presentation of New ADS Dahlia Introductions
Workshops & presentations on dahlia culture include: guidance in planting, growing, exhibiting, arranging, propagating & hybridizing dahlias.

Dahlia nomenclature tutorials include: size classification, variety, color class and identification numbering system.
All members have the opportunity to travel to other ADS Sponsored Events taking place locally, regionally and nationally.

For information contact: SouthtownDahliaClub1@gmail.com

What SDC Offers

Our location, meeting date and time

Our Mission

The Southtown Dahlia Club is an affiliate member of the American Dahlia Society who's purpose is to promote the interest, culture and development of dahlias. 

Our Club

The Southtown Dahlia Club is made up of a friendly, fun-loving group of individuals who have a mutual interest in growing hybridized dahlias. We invite you to join us at a  regularly scheduled meeting or contact us at any time to learn more. (See our calendar for meeting dates,  and below for directions to our home meeting location.)